Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My mtDNA results!

A few days ago, I got the results back from my Family Tree DNA mtFullSequence test, the most detailed mtDNA test available. It turns out I'm in haplogroup H1c1.

So, I guess the next step is to start contacting matches and seeing if we have any common names in our maternal lines. A few matches contacted me as soon as my results were ready, but sadly we haven't found any connections yet. But there are plenty left to try; I have 144 matches that match in HVR1, HVR2, and the coding region, and 45 of them are exact matches! Since apparently those have a 50% chance of being related to me within 6 generations, surely I must find something.

What I'd really like would be if everyone in my haplogroup had their maternal lines on WikiTree, so we could all easily compare and connect our trees together! I think I'll mention that idea to the people I talk to, and see if they'll either join and put up their tree, or give me a GEDCOM of their maternal lines that I could manage on WikiTree for them. A DNA project like that could be really interesting!

In the meantime, for the sake of anyone who finds this post when googling H1c1 because it's also their haplogroup, here's my direct maternal line. Do let me know if you see any names from your tree here!

updated live from WikiTree