My interest in genealogy began in grade 11 history class. We were given an assignment to create a family tree, going back as far as our great grandparents. Instead, I went back 13 generations (not in all lines of course). As it happens, I still didn't get a very good mark on the project, because my poster wasn't colourful enough. However, my interest in the history of my family had been sparked.

Right after high school I went to university for 4 and a half years, during which time I didn't have the free time required to work on my family tree. However, I am now finished school, and finally have time again to devote to this hobby. So, I have created this blog as a place to organise my thoughts, goals, and research, and hopefully to connect to other genealogists, perhaps even ones who are distant cousins of mine (I am French Canadian, after all).

Most of my research so far has been on my dad's side of the family, simply because it is the French Canadian side, and there are ample resources available. However, I do plan to discover as much as I can about my mom's side, which is English, Scottish, and Swedish, as well. There are many gaps still in my family tree, and I intend to fill them in.