Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Wrap-Up

December was busy, and I was also lazy. But that's ok. Everyone needs a break now and then. :) And I was still pretty active on WikiTree, so even if I wasn't here as much I was still getting some stuff done. Here's how I did on my December goals:

  • Figure out what's going on with Jonas Aspinall's tree, and get my information all cleaned up with all false connections gone. Done! Though I still haven't written a blog post about it.
  • Go to the library at least once to work on my huge pile of record lookups. Done! I think I actually went to the library twice to use Ancestry Library Edition.
  • Put in several hours of scanning time. This, I did not do. I guess I missed hearing about Scanfest and totally forgot about it!
  • Go shopping for acid- and lignin-free photo albums for my grandma's photos. No, but I did get tips from some archivist friends on places where I could find some.

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