Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy blogiversary to me!

It's my blogiversary!! :) One year ago today, I posted my very first post on Stories of a Canadian Family. It was just a list of my known surnames up to 5 generations, and since I hadn't even told anyone about my blog yet, I wasn't expecting anyone to see it until I'd posted a couple times and then spread the word. But somehow, Geneabloggers instantly tracked me down! Barely an hour after I'd posted for the first time, I'd been added to Geneabloggers, and people had started welcoming me to the community!

Now, it's a year and 74 posts later, and my humble personal genealogy blog has people who actually read it and comment on it, despite the fact that I'm not always the most regular poster in the world. :)

So, thank you Geneabloggers, and thank you everyone who's reading this, or has read any of my other posts over the last year. You guys are awesome. Here's to many more years of researching and blogging fun!


  1. Sorry I am a day late - but happy blogiversary!!

  2. Congrats Lianne! Hope you are doing well. BTW: are you going to be at FGS? -- Dan

    1. Thanks Dan! :) No, I'm not going to be at FGS, but I think WikiTree is going to RootsTech, so I'm hoping to be there for that!