Thursday, September 5, 2013

The brand-new Society for One-Place Studies

There's a Society for One-Place Studies now! While I'm disappointed that the free listing of one-place studies appears to be gone, at the same time I'm quite excited about the creation of this society, and have already joined and registered my one-place study.

For only £10 (currently about $16.37 Canadian) a year, plus a one-time registration fee of £10 for each study registered, you get access to the forum, a regular e-newsletter, an email alias (mine's, and a page for your one-place study in the listing.

If you have a one-place study, you should consider joining. And if you don't have a one place study, you should consider starting one! They're a great way to add local context to your genealogy.


  1. The Register of One-Place Studies at provides a free listing of one-place studies in the UK and around the world and anyone who is carrying out a one-place study is encouraged to add it to the register.

    1. Thanks for the link, Martin! I wasn't aware of that site.