Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-Up

It's time to see how I did on my October goals!

  • Look up all relevant records in the 1911 census, save copies of them, and link to them from all related profiles on WikiTree. I've already looked up most of these; I just don't keep good track of them. I did work on this, but I didn't finish. The problem is that I get distracted too easily. If I'm looking up one person's 1911 census record, I'll try to follow them through every census. So maybe instead of focusing on a year, I should focus on a family.
  • Scan all of my grandma's photos that she lent me. I've already done a couple of the smaller albums, and they didn't take too long, so this should be doable. Again, progress, but no completion. I still have one big album left from the original pictures, plus my grandma's since given me another huge album and a shoebox. The shoebox is a total gold mine! I'll definitely be sharing pictures from there!
  • Go to St. Francois Xavier to photograph tombstones. This depends on my partner being available to drive me, since that would be a very, very long bike ride (I live in Winnipeg). This did not happen. It may have to wait until spring now, because photographing tombstones in the winter is neither easy nor fun. I'll also be planning a trip to Minnedosa in the spring, where my grandpa grew up.
  • Spend an evening at the library using Ancestry Library Edition to check U.K. census records. I did do this, and had great luck! I also had great luck with some Quebec vital records. Ancestry Library Edition is awesome.
  • Focus research on the sixth generation (3x great grandparents), since I just finished the fifth and I'm trying to fill in my gaps. I currently have the names of 16 of the 32 people in that generation. I made quite a bit of progress here! I have at least the names for 28 of my 32 3x great grandparents! I've also been focusing a lot on finding descendents of my ancestors, going for a bit more breadth instead of just depth.
So, overall, I may have been a bit unrealistic with my goals (or maybe I just get distracted too easily). But I did make progress on things I wanted to make progress on! And I learned a lot about the way I research, which should help me to make better, more achievable goals in the future.

I'll be posting my November To Dos first thing tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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