Monday, September 26, 2011

Madness Monday: Mary Elizabeth Prince

Mary Elizabeth (Prince) Peterson is my matrilineal great great great grandmother. She was born in Ontario in 1860. In 1880, she married Nils "Nelson" Peterson. On the census records I do have, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911, she is consistently recorded as being of English origin, and her religion as methodist (except in 1901, when she has apparently converted to the Church of England, and in 1911, when she's Anglican).

Now, I may have found her in 1871, before she was married, which would lead me to her parents. But I'm hesitant to get too excited, when I don't have anything definite linking her to her parents, like a birth or marriage record. I can't seem to find their marriage or Mary's birth anywhere.

In the 1871 census record I found, there is an Elizabeth Prince. She's 11 years old, born in Ontario, and of English origin. She methodist, and lives in Middlesex East, which is where she's living 10 years later once she's married to Nelson. It just seems so very promising! I so want to believe that it's her, and that Henry and Sarah Jane Prince are my 4x great grandparents, and that I'm 1/64 Dutch (Sarah Jane is of Dutch origin).

I'm hoping to have a chance soon to go to the library and use Ancestry Library Edition to do some digging. I couldn't find Mary's birth or marriage on, but I'm still hopeful that the records are somewhere.

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