Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Calendar - December 12: Charitable/Volunteer Work

This post is part of a series for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. See all my posts in this series.

Sadly, I've never volunteered anywhere around the holidays. My schedule is always so hectic (all year, not just in December) that I can never commit the necessary time to volunteer work. So my charitable work generally comes in the form of a donation.

I often participate in a Christmas Cheer Board hamper. They are often organised by schools and workplaces, and everyone brings in some food, a toy, or a cash donation. This year, I'm organising the hamper for my department at work, which is a first for me. It's really great to think about how, through these donations that are so easy for us to make, we'll be making the holiday season special for one family who otherwise couldn't afford to do much celebrating.

If you have more than you need this holiday season, I really recommend donating to a Christmas hamper, or to a local homeless shelter. It can make a huge difference in the lives of those who have less.

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