Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar - December 8: Christmas Cookies

This post is part of a series for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. See all my posts in this series.

Every year, my mom makes fruitlet cookies (which I love) and shortbread cookies (which the rest of the family loves). When I was a kid she used to make sugar cookies, but stopped because it was so much work. So this year, Jonny and I decided to try our hand at sugar cookies. I can understand why she stopped.

It was the most frustrating thing I'd ever attempted. The dough stuck to everything, so you'd flour everything to stop the sticking, but then the flour would incorporate into the dough and the dough would crumble. It was awful. But oh my goodness, the cookies tasted so good I could almost forget how annoying the dough was.

The sugar cookies are quite thin, and cut with these plastic cookie cutters that are more like an actual mold, so you don't just get an outline, you get the lines etched on the cookie. Then we sprinkle them with that crystalized sugar stuff. So good!


  1. That's exactly why I don't make sugar cookies. I'm a drop-cookie girl, myself.

  2. I know! Drop cookies are so easy, they make you feel like you know how to bake. Then you try sugar cookies and it's like, oh dear. But they taste so good! I'm still going to try again. :)